Russian Studies Programme RSP (25 ECTS cr.)

Programme Overview

The political and economic importance of Russia has not decreased in the post-Cold War era. Quite the contrary, present-day Russia is opening up to the rest of the world in a distinctly new fashion, making deeper knowledge of the country indispensable for many purposes. The aim of this programme is to provide the students with a broad understanding on of a present-day Russia. The programme is organized by Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Law, and the Arctic Centre.

After completion of the programme the student is able to:
- describe the main features of Russian society and history
- define the characteristics of Russian culture
- discuss with a multidisciplinary approach the relevant political, economic, cultural and environmental issues in Russia.

Please note that the Russian Studies Programme (RSP) does not award a degree!

Students and Studies

The Russian Studies Programme (RSP) is designed for Finnish and foreign degree students, exchange students, and special groups. The courses are taught in English. The RSP courses are subject-level studies, and it is therefore not recommended that students take them as part of their first-year studies. The RSP studies can be completed by either taking individual courses or taking part in the whole 25-ECTS credit programme. Students are required to register for courses in advance via WebOodi System.

Please note that RSP courses are taught in both autumn and spring semesters. It is not possible to complete the programme in one semester. Students participating in KRSP1502 Kola Peninsula Excursion will be charged an excursion fee. The programme has no tuition fee but students must be prepared to meet all expenses from private funds or from scholarships obtained in their own country.

More information on structure of studies and courses is available in WebOodi.

Coordination and Contacts

The Programme Coordinator and the International Studies Coordinator are responsible for the practical implementation of the programme. The Programme Coordinator is in charge of the academic implementation, literature exams and matters related to the academic content of the courses. The International Studies Coordinator is responsible for practical matters such as disseminating information about the programme and scheduling.
Programme Coordinator
Ms Minna Nousiainen
University of Lapland
Faculty of Social Sciences
Tel. +358 (0)400 813 867
E-mail: Minna.Nousiainen(at)

International Studies Coordinator
University of Lapland
Faculty of Social Sciences
Tel. +358 (0)40 484 4195
Fax +358 (0)16 341 2600
E-mail: isc(at)