New Learning Environments in the Work of the Teacher (UOT)

The Province of Lapland’s development project for teaching methods in higher education, 1 September 2000 – 31 December 2003

Training for the New Learning Environments in the Work of the Teacher (UOT 3) will be implemented during the period 9 January – 31 December 2003.


New Learning Environments in the Work of the Teacher (UOT) is a development project, funded by the European Community’s European Social Fund (ESF), focusing on the implementation of new teaching methods for higher education in the Province of Lapland. The training provides its participants with the tools to exploit new learning environments, renew their own pedagogical methods, and update their practical skills with educational use of information and communication technologies. During the training period participants will develop modules of network-based education as exercise projects, online teaching materials, and will learn how to build the tools – whose utilisation will be assessed already during the training period – that will enable them to exploit the knowledge available in new learning environments.

Target group

UOT training is intended for personnel involved with higher education in the Province of Lapland.

Working methods

The training includes contact teaching in Rovaniemi and video conference lectures to  Kemi-Tornio region, as well as co-operative studying. The Discendum Optima learning environment will also be utilised in teaching and studying. Support instruction co-ordinated by local tutors will also be arranged in Rovaniemi, Kemi and Tornio to facilitate the implementation of courses and learning materials of network-based education.


The training will consist of the following study modules:

  1. Orientation for studies
  2. Learning environments and online pedagogy (3 credits),
  3. Design and implementation of network studies (4 credits),
  4. Copyrights, confidentiality and data security (1 credit),
  5. Information and communications technologies in learning (1 credit),
  6. Interaction in the net (3 credits) and
  7. Assessment of learning processes and the learning environment (3 credits)

The study programme complies with the University of Lapland Faculty of Education’s study requirements (see

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