Adiona - Towards safe, responsible and sustainable traffic and transportation by road, sea, air and rail

Adiona is an extensive, multidisciplinary research project. The study investigates the impact of persuasive communication on Finnish traffic safety attitudes and behavior. The aim of the research is to enhance safe, responsible and sustainable traffic and transportation in Finland.

The study (2012–2014) commissioned by the Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi addresses the changes in the traffic safety attitudes of both ordinary people and transportation professionals. The study covers all Trafi’s transport modes: road, maritime, aviation and rail.

The research is mainly a quantitative survey. Key informant interviews are also used to gather qualitative information.

The Theory of Interpersonal Behavior (TIB) by Triandis lays the theoretical basis for the study. In the TIB, the probability of action being performed is a function of behavioral intentions, habits, physiological arousal and contextual factors. Studying traffic behavior in the light of its contributory factors aims at developing tailored and targeted communication strategies for target groups.

The research project is administered by the Centre for Media Pedagogy (CMP) at the University of Lapland. The research results will benefit the communication efforts of Trafi and the Eläköön traffic safety campaign.

Contact information

University of Lapland,
Faculty of Education
Centre for Media Pedagogy

Principal Supervisor of PhD Studies,
Member of Advisory Board, Professor
Heli Ruokamo
+ 358 40 587 9090

Supervisor of PhD Studies, Professor
Raimo Rajala
+ 358 40 764 3848

PhD researcher
Pia-Maria Lausas
+ 358 40 484 4253
Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi

Members of Advisory Board

Department Director
Sami Mynttinen
+ 358 29 534 5555

Communications Manager
Reetta Salonen
+ 358 29 534 7051

Senior Expert
Inkeri Parkkari
+ 358 29 534 7089

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