HelLa - Educational Use of ICT Programmes Evaluation Study Project (2001–2003) of the Universities of Helsinki and Lapland

The HelLa project (2001–2003) was a joint research and development effort between the Finnish Universities of Helsinki and Lapland. It aimed to evaluate and develop the educational use of ICTs and ICT-based study programs in the Finnish university context. The particular focus of the research was a 15-credit (30-ECTS-credit) module dealing with the educational use of ICTs. The module was designed and implemented nationally as a collaborative contribution of the faculties of education at eight universities to the Finnish Virtual University Project coordinated by the University of Turku.

The publications of the HelLa project and examples of conference presentations:

The HelLa research report can be found (in Finnish) at: http://www.edu.helsinki.fi/media/hellaraportti.html .

You can order the Finnish book
The Challenges of Network-Based Education: Pedagogical Models in Didactic Network Environments based on the final report directly from the address:julkaisu[at]ulapland.fi .

Project’s contact persons at the University of Lapland

Professor Raimo Rajala
Tel: +358 16 341 2413, gsm: +358 40 764 3848
E-mail: Raimo.Rajala[at]ulapland.fi

Professor Heli Ruokamo
Tel: +358 16 341 2410, gsm: +358 40 587 9090
E-mail: Heli.Ruokamo[at]ulapland.fi

Planner and Researcher Virpi Vaattovaara
Tel: +358 16 341 2435, Fax:+ 358 16 341 2401
E-mail: Virpi.Vaattovaara[at]ulapland.fi

Project’s contact persons at the University of Helsinki:

Seppo Tella
E-mail: seppo.tella[at]helsinki.fi
Varpu Tissari
E-mail: varpu.tissari[at]helsinki.fi
Sanna Vahtivuori-Hänninen
E-mail: sanna.vahtivuori[at]helsinki.fi

The University of Lapland’s Faculty of Education and Centre for Media Pedagogy
http://www.ulapland.fi/ktk/ and http://www.ulapland.fi/mpk/
University of Helsinki Faculty of Education and Department of Teacher Education’s Media
Education Centre http://www.helsinki.fi/sokla/media/

University of Helsinki, Faculty of Behavioral Sciences
University of Helsinki, Department of Applied Sciences of Education
University of Lapland, Faculty of Education, Centre for Media Pedagogy

The project focused on the following questions:

1) How are the pedagogical models carried out in NBE?
2) How should the design and assessment be developed in NBE?
3) How do didactic network-based environments and NBE support teachers’ and students’ developing media proficiency?
4) How should national training programmes be developed, unified and internationalized, and how to reduce the conceptual diversity?

The HelLa project looked into how pedagogical models were implemented in practice in NBE and in related tutoring, what the principles underlying design, assessment and guidance in NBE were, and what kind of an operating context the didactic network environment was. The research contributed to the debate on the design, implementation and assessment of the teaching, studying and learning environments that would be appropriate with regard to teaching methodology and learning theory.

Various research conventions and theoretical precepts have been integrated in the research.

It has utilized particularly pedagogics, didactics, media education as well as learning psychology and social sciences when examining the educational use of information and communications technologies.

KasVi project University of Lapland

KasVi project University of Joensuu

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