MobIT Project

Developing Mobile Network-Based Teaching, Studying and Learning Processes

The aim of the transdisciplinary MobIT research project is to study what happens when mobile technology, in this case, laptop computers and a wireless local area network, is put into operation. The disciplines involved include education, media education and applied information technology.

From the points of view of educational sciences and media education, the focus is on finding what the possible added pedagogical values are from the viewpoints of different actors, such as, teaching personnel, students, researchers, and planning officers. The applied information technology point of view focuses on the utilization of technology, strategies students use when they join student communities, and also data security issues associated with studying and learning that is supported by mobile technology.

Research started in fall 2004 as the students who started their studies at the University of Lapland, Finland gained the opportunity to acquire laptop computers through the University. A wireless local area network (WLAN) covering the whole campus area was also set up. Students from the years 2005 and 2006 have also had the possibility to acquire laptop computers.

The MobIT project has three sub studies whose aim is to yield PhD dissertations: 1) Studiability, Learnability and the Management of Everyday Life, 2) The Utilization of Laptop Computers and WLAN, and 3) Teachers’ Utilization of Mobile Technology. Doctoral dissertations are supervised by Heli Ruokamo, Hannakaisa Isomäki and Juha Lindfors. More specific descriptions of all three sub studies can be found on their own pages.

The director of the MobIT project is Professor Heli Ruokamo and the project manager is Hanna Räisänen. The project is funded for the years 2007-2009 by the Ministry of Education. MobIT is also a part of the research activities of CICERO Learning Network, Finland,

Contact information:

University of Lapland
Centre for Media Pedagogy
PO Box 122
FI-96101 Rovaniemi

Director, Professor Heli Ruokamo +358 40 587 9090
Project Manager, Researcher Hanna Vuojärvi
Researcher Miikka Eriksson +358 40 570 4303

Conferences and events 2009

20.-22.11.2009 IADIS CELDA 2009 conference
Hakkarainen, P.: Why should students produce videos about their subject matter?

EARLI 2009 conference, Amsterdam, the Netherlands
Vuojärvi, H., Eriksson, M. J., & Ruokamo, H.: Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of using laptops and networks in teaching and learning – University students’ perspective.

ISATT 2009 conference, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi
Eriksson, M. J., & Vuojärvi, H.: Perceived flexibility and effectiveness of studying using laptops: Special attention given to non-traditional university students.

Annual meeting of American Educational Research Association (AERA), San Diego, United States

Eriksson, M. J., Vuojärvi, H. & Ruokamo, H.:University Students’ Expectations of Laptop Computers and Networks as Learning Tools that Support Everyday Life.

Learning in Digital Worlds 2009 (CAL’09) conference, Brighton, United Kingdom
Eriksson, M. J., Vuojärvi, H. & Ruokamo, H.: University students’ use of laptops for collaboration and communication.
Vuojärvi, H., Isomäki, H. & Hynes, D.: Domestication of a laptop on a wireless campus.

Conferences and events 2008

CICERO Joy of Learning conference, University of Helsinki
MobIT project will be presented at the Joy of Learning conference organized by CICERO (Cross-disciplinary Initiative for Collaborative Efforts of Research on Learning).

Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) annual conference, University of Turku
Eriksson, M. J., Vuojärvi, H. & Ruokamo, H.: Perheellisten ja työssäkäyvien yliopisto-opiskelijoiden kokemuksia kannettavien tietokoneiden ja tietoverkkojen käytöstä opiskelussa ja oppimisessa.

ED-MEDIA conference in Vienna, Austria
Vuojärvi, H., Lehtonen, M. & Ruokamo H.:  The Added Pedagogical Value of Using Laptops in Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning on a Wireless Campus. 

New researcher on board
Researcher Miikka Eriksson started working at the MobIT project on February 2nd, 2008.

Conferences and events 2007

Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) annual conference, Åbo Akademi, Vaasa
Räisänen, H.: Kannettavan tietokoneen vaiheittainen kotouttaminen väylänä tietokoneilla tuettuun yhteisölliseen opiskeluun [Phased domestication of a laptop computer as a gateway to computer-supporte collaborative learning]

NBE Network-Based Education conference, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland
Räisänen, H.: Students’ experiences of data security, mobility and computer-supported collaborative learning on a wireless campus

10.-11.5.2007 - Nordic Conference on Media Education, Vaasa, Finland
Räisänen, H., Lehtonen, M., Kuvaja, P. & Ruokamo, H.: MobIT – Developing Network-based Teaching, Studying and Learning Processes
Students’ and Teachers’ Expectations.

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