MobIT - Developing Mobile Network-Based Teaching, Studying and Learning Processes

Sub studies

1. Studiability, Learnability and the Management of Everyday Life

The aim of the first sub study is to find out, how and how much laptop computers and WLAN are expected and perceived to effect studying and learning. The results of a SWOT analysis examining the pedagogical strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of using laptop computers and WLAN are examined in relation to the dimensions of the MOMENTS metamodel. The four conceptual levels of the metamodel are: 1) cultural discourses and practices, 2) pedagogical models and principles, 3) pedagogical actions and 4) acts. The central dimensions are studiability and learnability.

The main research question in the first sub study is: In what way and how much are laptop computers and WLAN expected and perceived to have an effect on studying and learning?

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