Student Experiences

Interested in what it's like to study in the Media Education programme, what life in Rovaniemi is like, and why you should choose the University of Lapland?

Click on the images below to read our students' experiences!

    Danica-Jovanovic-testimonial-photo.jpg                                                    "I strongly recommend this university to anyone who wants to experience studying from the unique perspective and in the unique location. It is free of charge, the focus is on individual student work, there is a possibility to complete courses in different ways, and there is no pressure."
Danica, Serbia

"The Finnish education system affords students the opportunity to be both individualistic and team oriented. Also, the excellent interaction between students and staff gives a good basis for better and deeper learning, which is  rewarding."

Jematia, Kenya

                   Jematia Bett testimonial photo.jpg
    Islam_Md_Shahidul_testimonial_photo.jpg "The system and schedule here are also so flexible that I’ve had more space to think about my future. In bigger cities things are done in a more robotic way. The University of Lapland has had a great influence on me and helped me think in a different way."

Islam, Bangladesh
"My life here is never boring because I’m always doing something! I realized that the streets in the city of Rovaniemi are empty because people are in other places and doing things."

Daria, Russia
 Xie-Jie1.gif "I really enjoy studying in Finland... When it comes to Finnish teaching method, I really like the fact that in the classrooms students are the centre instead of the teacher."

Xie, China