2) Media in Society

In this theme students get acquainted with the role of media in society and the historical and philosophical foundations of critical media education. This is done through the viewpoints of media and cultural studies, sociology, philosophy, and critical media education. The students examine the mediatization of society and the role of media in the society’s political, economic, cultural, and gendered structures. The goal is that the students understand the role of media in society and are familiar with theories explaining empowerment, control, and influence of media. Students are also able to search, read, and critically analyse research literature dealing with the role of media in society and the principles of critical media education

Courses in this theme are (Curriculum 2015-2017):

MEDU3106 Approaches to Media Culture (5 ECTS)
MEDU3104B Media Education Literature B (5 ECTS)
MEDU3107 Experiencing Media (5 ECTS)
MEDU2203 Critical Media Analysis (5 ECTS)