1) Media in Teaching and Learning

IIn this theme students get acquainted with how media as well as information and communication technology (ICT) can be utilised in teaching and learning processes. This is done from the viewpoints of learning theory, constructivism, and society and culture. The students examine the use of media and ICT in different formal and informal learning environment contexts through production, reception, and critical observation. The goal is that the students are able to utilise media and ICT in a pedagogically appropriate manner. They also are familiar with a variety of pedagogical models and methods for using ICT in teaching and learning. The students also learn methods for online guidance and tutoring. They will familiarise themselves with multidisciplinary media education research and can analyse it critically.

Courses in this theme are (Curriculum 2015-2017):

MEDU3104A Media Education Literature A (5 ECTS)
MEDU3101 Research on Media Education (5 ECTS)
MEDU2205 Pedagogical Models in Educational Use of ICT's (5 ECTS)