Centre for Research  Education at the University of Lapland

The Centre for Research Education coordinates a wide variety of educational opportunities for postgraduate students and researchers at the University and the Arctic Centre. It is a multidisciplinary forum that brings together researchers and students, builds networks and communities of researchers in Finland and abroad,  and supports those interested in research as a career.

Postgraduate students and established researchers are the essential focus of the Centre’s work, and all of the courses offered are designed to meet their academic and professional needs. These encompass research methodology, the philosophy of science, writing scientific articles in English and giving presentations. The Centre also organizes seminars, keynote lectures and other opportunities for researchers to meet. Rounding out the Centre’s offerings are courses that develop specific professional skills, such as planning and managing research projects.

The Centre for Research Education does not provide funding or researcher positions; rather, it offers valuable chances to network across department, faculty and institutional boundaries. If you are or will be a postgraduate student at the University or are looking for a community of researchers to work with, feel free to contact the Centre and to take part in the many opportunities it makes available.

Take the opportunity to make yourself an opportunity:  join our multidisciplinary research forum!

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