Available Courses and Teaching

All teaching and every course in the Gradu is designed to fulfill the needs related to postgraduate students’ research work and professional know-how. The Graduate School provides courses on research methods, philosophy of science, writing of scientific articles in English, presentation skills, etc. In addition, it organizes seminars, inspiration lectures and researcher meetings with various themes, and different types of courses that further researchers’ expertise on e.g. research project planning and project management.

The curriculum for spring 2012 you will find behind the link “Graduate School Curriculum for Spring 2012.” Please notice there is only one course in English.

Course registration is made using the Oodi system. A university e-mail account is required. If you do not have one yet, please contact the HelpDesk (tel. 016 - 341 2272 or helpdesk@ulapland.fi).
Postgraduate students may also register at tutkijakoulu@ulapland.fi . In this case you must include your student number when registering.


Graduate School Curriculum for Spring 2012
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