PSP – Personal Study Plan

The term PSP stands for Personal Study Plan in everyday speech. A postgraduate student makes the plan for his or her doctoral or licentiate’s thesis. In this case, rather than a traditional study plan the PSP should be understood as an action plan that supports the research and the degree. The PSP makes it easier to think about various aspects related to the research. It also makes it easier to put the different phases in a chronological order, to ponder one’s career as a researcher, and to assess the significance of the thesis as regards one’s career.

Above all, postgraduate students can use the PSP as a management tool, not as a document that dictates everything. With the Personal Study Plan the student can monitor the progress of the research by making additions and changes to it, when necessary. The PSP should be based on realism and on the student’s individual situation. The PSP of a Graduate School student writing a dissertation on a four-year grant may be quite different from that of a person writing a dissertation while working full time.


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