Professional Researcher Training

In the autumn of 2004 the common Graduate School of the University of Lapland started a professional researcher training program for research-oriented postgraduate students. Eleven postgraduate trainees have been chosen from the faculties as follows: three from the Faculty of Art and Design, two from the Faculty of Law, three from the Faculty of Education, and three from the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The researcher training concept has been designed from the viewpoints of professional researcher’s work and scientific research turning into an occupation. The concept produces qualified researchers who can function in different types of researcher duties – academic or non-academic. The qualification also acts as a positive signal in the labor and money markets.

The whole training covers approximately 35 old credits (ca. 60 cr. ECTS), and studies entitling to 5 to 7 old credits are provided each term. The concept covers skills needed in the work of a researcher. These include

  1. methodological skills
  2. epistemology
  3. argumentation
  4. writing and publishing of research texts
  5. project planning and management, functioning as an expert, and contract law
  6. knowledge-based leadership
  7. creating and maintaining of national and international researcher networks and functioning therein
  8. internationalization

Teaching is provided according to the individual needs of each trainee. Exemptions are made based on previous postgraduate studies.

The training is tailored to intensively support  one’s own research career, the development one’s skills as a researcher, and the creation of international contacts. It also brings you the researcher community’s support and a motivating group to work with. The training also enables you to apply for a research grant from the rector. They are applied separately and given to those admitted to the course.

As a prerequisite for the training  the researcher must be committed to and interested in research as a career. In return, the Graduate School’s extensive training and contact networks systematically support the researcher in his or her research.

The contact person of the training program is Professor Suvi Ronkainen, director of the Graduate School.


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