Eero Tarasti,
Project leader

This project in fact realizes many dreams and future aspirations expressed several times during last 20-30 years in international gatheringsof  semioticians; namely, a systematic education program of semioticians in the universities at their highest academic level, and also the hope to “professionalize” the  title of a ‘semiotician’.  The latter goal is of course closely linked to the idea of labor market orientation of our doctoral program. However, this is by no means jeopardizing the goal of many a young gifted semiotician to become a serious scientist and make a purely academic career as a university teacher and scholar.

European Mind
Programme: Lifelong Learning Programme

Sub-programme: Erasmus

Action: Erasmus Multilateral Projects

Sub-action: Erasmus Curriculum Development

Time frame:
1.10.2009 – 31.09.2012 (36 months)
The European Mind Project:

Doctoral Studies in Semiotics for a Knowledge and Value Based Society (SEMKNOW)

Welcome to the European Mind: Doctoral Studies in Semiotics for a Knowledge and Value Based Society.

Here you can find information on the European Mind project  and SEMKNOW Doctoral programme  - the final result of the project.

In addition, you can download documents, view news and events and learn more about the opportunities semiotics has to offer students and potential partners.

Started in January 2009, the European Mind project created a SEMKNOW - joint doctorate (PhD) programme in semiotics currently available at four universities in Europe with support from the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme.

To ensure a high quality and innovative joint PhD programme, the Semknow project has achieved a common study structure, admission criteria, student assessment and benefits at each of its partner universities – see European Mind Project for more information.

SEMKNOW joint doctorate programme is not just for students with a background in semiotics. Students from various academic fields and professional backgrounds can apply to the programme as well. An introductory module and preparatory courses in semiotics are offered at most of Semknow’s partner universities – see SEMKNOW Study Guide for more information.

Potential Partners

European Mind is currently looking for universities interested in joining its joint doctoral programme with the hopes of expanding the semiotics network and study options for its students. A long term goal is to facilitate an open European area for semiotic education. Doctoral research in the programme is done in business markets, so businesses are also welcomed to joint Semknow’s network and learn more about its opportunities.


Professor  Eero Tarasti
Professor, University of Helsinki
Research Director, University of Lapland
Director of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (IASS/AIS)

Professor Suvi Ronkainen
Professor of Research Methodology
Department of Social Sciences, University of Lapland


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