SEMKNOW PhD Programme

Welcome to the pages of the SEMKNOW - the first international PhD programme in semiotics offered jointly by universities in Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Italy.

Here you find information about SEMKNOW’s study programme, admissions and requirements and what you can expect to study as a SEMKNOW student.

REMEMBER SEMKNOW’s joint doctorate programme is open to students from various academic fields and professional backgrounds. Prior experience or knowledge in semiotics is not an issue. SEMKNOW partner universities offer a preparatory module (30 ECTS) in semiotics which includes distance/online learning courses. This innovative feature of SEMKNOW allows you to introduce yourself to semiotics and its topics as well as help you realize the opportunities made available by the PhD programme – see Study Programme and Preparatory Module for more information. 

What is Semiotics?

The study of signs and communication, semiotics can involve understanding the relationship(s) between, meaning, purpose and use of signs and things, for instance people and language. Art, culture, social relations and communication are some semiotic topics covered in SEMKNOW’s PhD programme. For more information on semiotics and its topics feel free to visit SEMKNOW’s Bibliography or Studies.
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