SEMKNOW - Doctoral studies in Semiotics for a knowledge and value based society is the first international PhD Program in Semiotics. The program is unique also because it is the first in the field of semiotics with vocational and not purely academic orientation.

The international programme includes a semester abroad and participation in international summer schools in semiotics as well as research in private or public sphere (e.g. companies of creative industry, media, cultural institutions, NGOs, etc).
The doctoral programme is constructed around three study modules and one research programme:

  1. Introduction courses for inflowing students from other field
  2. General semiotic courses compulsory for all students
  3. Specialization courses in arts, communication, culture and social sciences.
  4. Research programme integrated into the market.

Check out more details on SEMKNOW Study Structure


The AIM of the SEMKNOW program is to train semioticians that can make the diversity of European cultures understandable. SEMKNOW programme is designed:

  • To open the European knowledge towards the understanding of a wider society and thus increase the understanding of our basic concepts of democracy and intercultural dialogue.
  • To contribute to the creation of a European Area for Higher Education by stimulating student and staff mobility in order to achieve a degree. It will be required for the students to participate in classes in at least 2 universities.
  • To stimulate the cooperation with the enterprises by requiring of the students to carry out their research in close cooperation with organizations other than their university.


SEMKNOW is a PhD programme network among recognized centers of semiotics: Tartu, Torino, Sozopol and Finland. SEMKNOW involves the best of local expertise of semiotic centres and is therefore shared and local. In our shared programme each university offers its unique expertise and study and research environment (combined with local regulations). For specification of studies in each university, please see SEMKNOW in our partner universities:

Semiotics PhD studies in New Bulgarian University
Semiotics PhD studies in University of Lapland
Semiotics PhD studies in University of Tartu
Semiotics PhD studies in University of Torino
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