APPLYING for SEMIOTICS PhD STUDIES in New Bulgarian University


In order to apply for SEMKNOW the candidates must present the following documents:

          Application form


          Diploma for Master degree;

          Detailed Research Plan (including an agreement with external institution and a work plan)

The candidates for SEMKNOW should contact the Southeast European Center for Semiotic Studies (SEECSS) before the end of May. During a preliminary interview with the director of SEMKNOW the topic of the future PhD project will be discussed, as well as its possible involvement with an external company or institution. According to the level of preparation in general semiotics of the candidate, the Preparatory module will be recommended. At the beginning of July, the university will announce a national competition for PhDs with the topics agreed upon between the SEECSS and the candidates. The deadline is two months after the announcement. A commission formed by the dean, the director of SEMKNOW and a professor from the program will examine the documents of the candidates and announce their acceptance for the admission exam at least one month earlier.

The admission exam is divided in two parts: Semiotics and English. Candidates who have successfully passed the Preparatory module will not take the semiotic exam and the average of their votes will be considered. The semiotic exam is divided into a written and an oral part. The written exam is in English, on one of the listed topics. Candidates with a vote higher than 4 (of 6) are admitted to the oral exam. The oral exam is in English and it is also divided into two parts, comprising a discussion of a topic from the list and discussion on the research project of the candidate. Candidates with average vote of 5 are considered eligible. Only elected candidates are admitted to the exam in English. A vote superior to 5 is requested in order to be admitted to the final position. The final decision is made by the faculty council, after considering a list of proposals, made by the department 10 days after the exam.

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