APPLYING for SEMIOTICS PhD STUDIES in University of Lapland


At the University of Lapland there is two Step Application Process:

  1. Prospective PhD students must apply to the faculty in which their research is applicable to.
  2. Once the potential PhD student has been accepted into a faculty, he/she must apply to get into the doctoral programme.

In order to apply to faculties for the right to study (step 1) the students must have:

          Master degree

          Detailed Research Plan (including a funding plan and a work plan)

In order to get into SEMKNOW in addition to the other criteria the candidates should demonstrate their preparation in semiotics, using English language.

          Students without semiotic background from their previous studies should subscribe to the preparatory module.

Students with semiotic background will be asked to write three pages in English on a semiotic topic chosen from the list.


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