A preparatory study module is offered by Semknow partner universities to students new to the field of semiotics. Students from various academic fields and professional backgrounds are encouraged to apply and participate in the preparatory module. Its aim is to provide future Semknow students the necessary basic knowledge about semiotics prior to admission into the joint doctorate programme. As follows are the learning outcomes students can expect to gain, the teaching formats of the module and its content.  

 Learning Outcomes

  1. Familiar with central concepts of semiotic theories, main schools and authors of the history of semiotics
  2. Ability to relate and compare semiotic concepts and their complexities with one another
  3. Qualify for admission to Semknow’s PhD programme and studies in semiotics
  4. Enable the start of a student’s studying and research plans  

 Teaching Formats

The preparatory module is designed and implemented in accordance with the rules and regulations at each Semknow partner university. Coursework can consist of individual work with texts, tutoring, consultations, seminars, lectures involving semiotic content, and online courses shared among partner universities or open to all students, i.e. a student in Italy takes an online course instructed at a university in Finland. 


In order to adequately prepare students for PhD studies in semiotics the preparatory module enables students to learn and understand the following:  

  • Semiotics by Definition and Core Ideas
  • Theoretical Aspects of Semiotics
  • Historical Accents/Highlights – Foundations & Semiotic Schools
  • Applications and Aspects of Applied Semiotics 

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