Introduction to semiotics from University of Lapland


The preparatory module at University of Lapland (UoL) consists of 30 ECTS with the following courses available to students:


  • Introduction to Semiotics – 5 ECTS (Required)
  • History of Semiotics – 10 ECTS (Required)
  • Literature Package – 5 ECTS (Required)
  • Introduction to Visual Communication Analyses and Methodological Possibilities Based on Semiotics – 5 ECTS
  • Semiotics of Tourism – 5 ECTS
  • Semiotics of Law – 5 ECTS
  • Gender and Semiotics – 5 ECTS
  • Musical Semiotics – 5 ECTS


This study module is organized into 3 sections—Theory and History, Methodologies and Applied Semiotics. The first two sections on theory, history and methodology constitute 20 ECTS in which students are required to take. These sections help to effectively prepare and ensure students have the knowledge level in semiotics as agreed by Semknow partners. The remaining 10 ECTS involves applied semiotics and students have flexibility in deciding which courses to take.


Many of UoL’s prospective Semknow students will be from fields other than semiotics, as there is no Bachelor (BA) or Master (MA) semiotics programme currently offered at UoL. UoL is best equipped to offer applied semiotics and this is a most effective way to attract students from fields other than semiotics. Approximately two of the applied semiotics courses will be offered online. Therefore, students at the partner universities can take part in the courses as well, consequently balancing the programme content.






Introductory Module Table


Theory & History- 15 ECTS Methodologies-5 ECTS Applied Semiotics- 10 ECTS
Introduction to Semiotics5 ECTS Literature Package5 ECTS Introduction to Visual Communication analyses and Methodological possibilities based on Semiotics5 ECTS
History  of Semiotics10 ECTS   Semiotics of Tourism5 ECTS
Semiotics of Law5 ECTS
Gender and Semiotics5 ECTS
Musical Semiotics5 ECTS
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