The GENERAL SEMIOTICS module of SEMKNOW in Torino University is worth 36 credits and involves

a)     Personal and tutored study of a selected bibliography to be composed every year by the doctoral council both in the general SEMKNOW bibliography and outside of it;

b)    Participation in (minimum 5) internal seminaries by professors of the doctoral programme. Every seminar should be prepared by the student with the help of a selected bibliography and implies her/his active contribution;

c)     Participation in (minimum 5) external seminaries by guest professors. Every seminar should be prepared by the student with the help of selected bibliography and implies her/his active contribution;

d)    Participation in (minimum 5) of seminaries organized by the doctoral students about their research work;

e)     Weekly discussions with the tutor and homework assigned by the tutor


The general aim of this module is the doctoral student’s good command of both general and applied semiotics.


SPECIALIZATION at University of Torino

The Specialisation module in Torino focuses on communication (but it includes seminars and other activities on several subjects and fields) and it is developed with the collaboration of CIRCe, Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Communication. 

The aim of the research work of phd students is to deepen their knowledge on communication in a semiotic perspective. The specialisation is planned individually with some colloquia between the student and his/her Italian tutor and it can include activities as research, seminars, courses, lectures, tutoring, conference papers, articles, research reports, etc..

A summer school on television communication in also organized, every year in September. PhD students are invited to attend the school and to present papers during it.

For proposed activities you can visit: or


Research at University of Torino

In Torino the Semiotics group of scholars carry out its own research activity within the Department of Philosophy and CIRCe, the Interdepartmental Centre for Research on Communication.  Our Athenaeum offers several library services and, in particular, the Philosophy Library has a good number of texts concerning Semiotics and Philosophy of Communication.

The Research group is composed by full professors, researchers, lecturers, post-docs, research assistants and several PhD students and candidates.

As for ongoing and closed research projects and fields of interests we can remember:

-          intersections between semiotics and philosophy

-          textual analysis of the Holy Writs and semiotics of religion

-          semiotics of advertising and consumption, with trend studies

-          narratology, theories of narration and their application on communication market

-          cultural studies and gender studies

-          urban semiotics and semiotics of space

-          visual semiotics

-          semiotics of audiovisual materials

-          semiotics of cinema

-          semiotics of culture/s

-          interdisciplinary research on communication phenomena

-     sociosemiotics

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