General Semiotic Studies

  Course  ECTS  Faculty/Responsible teacher 
1  Basic Methods for Semiotic Analysis  5 ECTS  Faculty of Art & Design / Dario Martinelli 
2  Social and Pragmatic Semiotics  5 ECTS  Faculty of Social Sciences / Suvi Ronkainen 
3  Interpretation and Experience in Semiotics  5 ECTS  Faculty of Social Sciences / Suvi Ronkainen 
4  Images and communication  5 ECTS  Faculty of Art and Design / Riitta Brusila-Räsänen 
5  Semiotics of the Body  5 ECTS  Faculty of Social Sciences / SoileVeijola 
6  Legal semiotics  5 ECTS  Faculty of Law / Juha Karhu 

Specialisation Module

SEMKNOW Specialization module is designed for students who seek for the profound semiotics knowledge pool in the interdisciplinary aspects of semiotics: tourism, art, culture, sociology, history, philosophy etc.

The objective of the Specialization module at the University of Lapland is to make the student familiar with the most recognized and functional semiotics methods, placing the research in real extra university environment in institutions and companies involved in the creation and the promotion of knowledge needed for the social engagement and higher welfare.

Umbrella topic of the module is Art Semiotics. The content of the module consists of three main parts, which differ with the objectives, results and teaching methods.

a)  Ethics (knowledge and skills on semiotics)  10 ECTS  It includes Reviewing literature and existent best practices in semiotics research. This part of the module reflects and deepens students’ scientific and research work (theoretical work) on the selected theme. 
b)  Experience (methods of applying received know-how into actual research)analysis  10 ECTS  In concrete situation to observe and produce semiotically formulated substance/product. In another word it is a fieldwork according to students’ scientific background. It could include experiencing new ways of creating the exhibitions, observations in court or collecting material at the work place. Involved groups of stakeholders depend on the PhD topic 
c)  Audience (methods of reception analyzing)  10 ECTS  This element of the Specialization Module sees to deepen students’ knowledge and skills on analyzing feedback and critics from the stakeholders. Groups of stakeholders are dependent on particular PhD topic 

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