University of Lapland Graduate School

The Graduate School of the University of Lapland organizes the university’s postgraduate education. It coordinates and arranges the postgraduate education programme meant for students of each faculty, follows the situation and progress of postgraduate students, and supervises the coherence and quality of the practices of postgraduate education. In addition, the university’s Graduate School enables postgraduate students to engage in interdisciplinary and international cooperation. At times this enabling becomes concrete action in the form of academic and interdisciplinary events, even partying!

The Graduate School is divided in multidisciplinary, thematic doctoral programmes and an open doctoral programme. The aim of the doctoral programmes is to collect the university’s postgraduate students under thematic fields that support the university’s research profile and to enable research-based and supervisory cooperation between the faculties.  Along with the thematic doctoral programmes, postgraduate students may also belong to the so-called open doctoral programme that covers the research that does not directly fit into the doctoral programmes that support the university's focal areas.  The nationwide doctoral programmes coordinated by the University of Lapland are also part of the university’s joint Graduate School, but they continue their operation normally during the transition period 2013–2014.

Every postgraduate student also belongs to a faculty. The faculties grant the postgraduate study rights and doctoral degrees.  

The university’s doctoral programmes are listed here. When a new doctoral programme is launched, you can reach its web pages through these links .

Culture-centred service design

Northern cultures and sustainable natural resources politics

Communities and changing work

Justice and legal cultures





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