Metropolis Preconference: Inari, Finland

 Finnish Sámi

Preconference in Inari, Finland

6th of September – 8th of September 2013

The Arctic – Diversity of Ethnic Groups

Approximately four million people inhabit Arctic areas. The northernmost and only official indigenous people of Europe, Sámi people, live in far northern Norway, Sweden, Russia and Finland. Inari is one of the areas inhabited by Sámi in Finland; about 6500 Sámi people live in Finland. They have right to maintain and develop their own language and culture. The Sámi Parliament was legislated in 1996 and it’s the only body that can take official statements concerning Sámi matters.

Now you have an opportunity to discover one of these beautiful Sámi areas and to experience and learn more about the rich Sámi inheritance, culture and life. Welcome to Inari, to the village of Ivalo!

Preconference Program:
(NOTE: The preconference Program starts and ends to Rovaniemi.)

Friday 6th of September

7 pm – 11.30 pm Charter Bus to Inari, Hotel Inari
The Charter Bus leaves from the front of Hotel Pohjanhovi (Pohjanpuistikko 2, RVN)
During the bus trip a short presentation of Sámi culture.

Saturday 7th September

10 am Bus to the Sámi Cultural Centre Sajos
10.30 am Tour at Sajos and two presentations

- 1. Introduction to the Sámi Parliament
The Sámi Parliament (Sámediggi) is the self-government body of the Sámi, legislated at the beginning of 1996. Its main purpose is to plan and implement the cultural self-government guaranteed to the Sámi as an indigenous people.
- 2. Current issues affecting Sámi people
Topics: Coexistence with the oil & gas activities, Mining industry and tourism, Climate change and international cooperation and politics.

12 am Bus to Siida
12.15 am – 1 pm Lunch: Restaurant Sarrit
1 pm – 4 pm Tour at Siida
- The National Museum of the Finnish Sámi and two presentations of current research activities in Arctic Centre / University of Lapland (Sustainable development research group / Indigenous people and Sámi research office), topics e.g. incorporeal cultural heritage among northern minorities.

4 pm – 4.30 pm Bus to Hotel Inari

Sunday 8th of September

10 am – 11.30 am Guided walking tour to forest glowing with the autumn tints
11.30 am Lunch at Hotel Inari
2.30 pm  –  Bus to Rovaniemi Airport and Rovaniemi City Centre
(average driving time 4.30 hours)

University of Lapland reserves the rights to change the program.

Preconference program is scheduled for 60 participants. Places are limited.

Please click here (https://www.webropolsurveys.com/S/1FF635338252BAAC.par) to register. Price for the Preconference is 470 euros (including bus, hotel and lunches - NOTE that travel insurance is not included). Registration latest at 3rd May 2013. 

More information: Training Manager Mr. Jari Rinne, jari.rinne(at)ulapland.fi, +358 400 210 803, University of Lapland / Education and Development Services

The International Metropolis Conference: http://www.metropolis2013.fi/