University of Lapland develops education in the Mediterranean region

The University of Lapland takes part in international development project which aims to modernize education in the Mediterranean countries.

The main objective of the project is to support and develop lifelong learning and thus to contribute to the social and economic development in the Mediterranean region. The project is part of Tempus programme funded by the European Union.

There is a group of experts from the University of Lapland taking part in the project: Docent Helka Urponen, Development Manager Sirpa Purtilo-Nieminen, Coordinator Piia Johansson and Coordinator Anna Vanhala. ULapland leads the quality monitoring and assessment within the project.

Project’s kick-off seminar was held in Rabat, Morocco, in January. The meeting was attended by partners from all over Europe, especially from the universities situated in the southern parts of Mediterranean region. The next workshop will be held at the University of Lapland in June.

The project is coordinated by the University of Seville, Spain. Project partners include universities from Portugal (University Nova de Lisboa), Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Lebanon.

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Education and Development Services
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Development Manager Sirpa Purtilo-Nieminen
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