InSEA Conference 2010


General Information



The congress will be held at the University of Lapland , Rovaniemi, Finland. The congress venue is about two kilometres from the city centre and about 20 minutes’ walk from the hotels. Buses will run daily between the hotels and the University to the first session in the morning and to the hotels after the last session in the afternoon. Local city buses run daily every 30 and 60 minutes.

The city of Rovaniemi is the vibrant capital of Lapland. Rovaniemi, called the Gate of Lapland, is on the Arctic Circle in the northernmost part of Finland. With a land area of 8,016 km2, it is Finland and Europe’s largest town geographically, with a population of about 59,000. This small but modern city offers a unique combination of urban services and the beautiful natural environment of Lapland, and it is located at the junction of the Kemijoki and Ounasjoki rivers. It is a university city, the commercial centre for the area, and a city of sport and culture. The four seasons are strongly present in peoples’ daily life, and they give a rhythm to living and activities.

You will find the Rovaniemi Map here.


How to get there

Rovaniemi is easily reached by air and train. The city is about 700 km north from Helsinki, the capital of Finland. There are frequent international flights to Helsinki, and domestic flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi. The latter takes about one hour, with several flights every day.

The train journey from Helsinki to Rovaniemi takes about 10 hours and is a good alternative if there is time to spare as this offers a good opportunity to see more of Finland.

Rovaniemi airport is 8 km from the city centre. Taxis take about 15 min to the city centre. Customers can choose between the cheaper (13 euros in 2009) Airport Taxi that takes more than one customer at the same time, or a normal Taxi (ca. 23 euros). The railway station is 0.8 km from the city centre. Rovaniemi has very good taxi and bus services.

All major car rentals have an office in Rovaniemi for those who are interested in travelling around the surrounding areas and Lapland by themselves.


Time and weather

Finland’s time zone is GMT + 2 hours (daylight saving time, GMT +3).

The Rovaniemi area is in the arctic zone; the climate is mild, subarctic, and characterized by extreme seasonal changes between darkness and light, cold and warmth. From the beginning of June to the beginning of July the sun does not set at all in Rovaniemi so it is light through the night (the hotels have blackout curtains). The average highest temperature in June is 17.5 degrees centigrade and the average lowest is 6.9. You should be prepared for warm, cold, as well as rain.


Currency, Banks, and Credit Cards 

The euro (100 cents) is the national currency. All congress fees and rates in the programme are in euros. Hotels, stores, taxis and restaurants in Lapland accept all major credit cards. Automated teller machines (ATMs) take most common cards.



Visitors from outside the EU must have a valid passport, and visitors from some countries must have a visa. More information is available at the nearest Finnish Embassy, High Commission, Consulate, or Agent. Those who must have a visa should contact the Conference Office, which will provide a letter of invitation. The invitation is intended to help the participants to obtain a visa; it is not a commitment by the organizer to provide any financial support.


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