Expected results

  • Structures of collaboration will be built up as well as commitments and trustment between partners will be increased.
  • Building up the plans of exhibition and research; forming network for art historians and institutions.
  • Producing and sharing of new knowledge by the exhibition, workshops, symposiums and publication.
  • New working plan for future collaboration; operative and active network.
  • Awareness of local people about rich Northern heritage wil lbe increased.
  • Northern identity will be supported.
  • Organisations, involved in the project will have experiences on organizing common exhibition tour, workshops and symposiums.
  • Researchers will benefit from Barents wide research network and will produce new knowledge about Northern art history, which will profit local people, communities and creative industries including cultural tourism.
  • All the produced knowledge, best practices and research based information will be open and available for other cultural actors, creative industries and wide audience.
  • Network activities will continue by the resources of organisations.
  • New future plans for cooperation with exhibiiton will be made within institutions' financing.
  • The exprtise and professional skills developed in the project will be available for further utilisation in the organisations.