Expert group tasks:

  • EG is proposed to contain 1 or two representative from each partner organization
  • The Expert group will be responsible for planning exhibitions, publication, research and symposiums together with the project manager.
  • EG will provide the content guidance and help with the implementation of artistic aspect of the project.
  • Upon the development, dissemination and establishment of the project’s results during and after the project.

Bertil Sundstedt, Konsthall, Swe
Eva Gun Jensen, Konsthall, Swe
Jonna Katajamäki, University of Lapland, Fin
Anne Ihalmo, University of Lapland, Fin
Svetlana Romanova, Murmansk Art Museum, Research unit, Russ
Olga Kiseleva, Murmansk Art Museum, Russ
Tuija Hautala-Hirvioja, University of Lapland, Fin
Kari Silvennoinen, Kemi Art Museum, Fin
Jan Erik Lundström, Sámi Center of Contemporary Art, No

1st Expert group meeting was in Murmansk 7.11.2012
2nd Expert group meeting in Karasjok 26.2.2013
3rd Expert group meeting in Luleå 4.6.2013
4th Expert group meeting 2.10.2013 in Karasjok

1st Meeting documents