The overall objective of the project is to contribute to the people-to-people cooperation and identity building of the Barents region by establishing cooperation between arts and cultural institutions in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region and therefore to break centre-periphery confrontation.

Aims are:

  • to support cultural organizations of the region, such as museums, research centres, universities, cultural institutes to collaborate internationally and to create and implement cultural and artistic activities.
  • to gather a common cultural capital, through the development of cooperation activities among art museum professionals and art historians to encourage northern values and positive identity building.
  • to offer an opportunity to strengthen people-to-people cooperation and professional contacts both at the local and international level. Project develops cross-border contacts and networking in different fields of art and art history between professionals (art museum professionals and art history researchers).
  • to promote cultural diversity and mutual understanding, improving people's knowledge of Northern art history and cultural heritage.

The project support the Kolarctic ENPI CBC programme’s overall aim by reducing the periphery of the countries’ border regions, by promoting multilateral cross border cooperation, and by developing people-to-people cooperation and identity building.

The project specifically supports the Kolarctic ENPI’s priority 3 – People-to-People cooperation and identity building by creating network of art researchers, art and cultural institutions, creating transferable Barents Art and Culture exhibition and joint art research symposiums and workshops, developing cooperation master plan and disseminating the project results for the benefit of inhabitants.

The project addresses directly the Kolarctic Action Plan 2011, and its operative aim Common cultural events and meeting places bring people together from the Programme area. The project refers also to operative aim Promotion of the cultural diversity is supported.

Project activities will focus on the needs expressed by cultural workers during the consultations, which had lead up to the project content design.

Project aims to answer the following needs:

  • Lack of promotion of common cultural values aiming to enhance the cultural heritage shared by the people of Barents region.
  • Insufficient mobility of people working in the cultural sector (art museum professionals and art historians) and inter-cultural dialogue (research seminars and meetings).
  • Insufficient circulation of cultural and artistic works and products (exhibition and research seminars) strengthening joint every day communication and cooperation.