TIME 12.45-14.15                                                                               ROOM: SS112

Teacher Education

Chair: Eila Estola

  1. Vocational Teachers’ Conceptions on Learning and Evaluating Practical Skills

Juhani Kettunen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  1. Research Practicum – Integrating Master’s Practicum and Master’s Thesis

Riitta Jyrhämä, Katriina Maaranen & Heljä Aurola, University of Helsinki

  1. Supervising Teaching Practice in Vocational Teacher Education –

Teachers’ Conceptions of Themselves as Tutors

Sirpa Perunka, Oulu University of Applied Sciences


TIME 12.45-14.15                                                                               ROOM: SS113

Teachers and Teaching

Chairs: Eija Valanne & Iiris Happo

  1. How Do Nursing Teachers See Their Work and the Changes in It?

Päivi Moilanen, University of Lapland

  1. Expertise in Special Education of Early Childhood Educators

Iiris Happo, University of Lapland

  1. Recalled Power in the Teacher-Student Relationship

Minna Uitto, University of Oulu


TIME 12.45-14.15                                                                               ROOM: SS114

Learning Environments

Chair: Sari Poikela

  1. Pedagogical Infrastructures in E-Learning Environments as Invisible Bridges Between Navigation Elements

Tiiu Tenno, University of Oulu

  1. Web-Based Tool to Develop Pedagogical Expertise During Teacher


Helena Koskinen, University of Lapland

  1. VideoPapers Technology as a Mediating Tool for Teachers’ reflections and Collaborative Learning in Mathematics Teaching

Trond Eivil Hauge & Svein Olav Norenes, University of Oslo


TIME 12.45-14.15                                                                               ROOM: SS14

Pupils’ Learning Experiences and Well-Being

Chair: Ole Martin Johansen

  1. School and Psychosocial Well-Being. Comparing the Psychosocial Well-Being of Schoolchildren from Northern Finland, Sweden and Norway and North-West Russia

Arto Ahonen, University of Lapland

  1. Teachers’ Challenges When Students Need Support in Their Studying

Tuija Anttila, University of Lapland

  1. Boys’ and Girls’ School Motivation and Orientation to the Future:

Differences and Pedagogical Implications

Anneli Lauriala & Sini Ylipalo, University of Lapland


TIME 14:45-16.15                                                                               ROOM: SS112

Teacher Education

Chair: Tuija Turunen

  1. Blended Learning Design in Vocational Teacher Education

Kari Kiviniemi, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  1. From a Secret Garden to a Transparent Modelling – Retelling

Master-Apprentice Relation in Music Teaching

Eeva Kaisa Hyry, University of Oulu

  1. Becoming a Mentor – A New Chance for Professional Development?

Erja Syrjäläinen & Riitta Jyrhämä, University of Helsinki


TIME 14:45-16.15                                                                               ROOM: SS113

Teachers and Teaching

Chair: Säde-Pirkko Nissilä

  1. Beyond Pisa

Eija Valanne, University of Lapland

  1. Emotions in Teacher’s Job: Exploring the Emotions of Teachers during their First Year of the Teaching

Seija Blomberg, University of Oulu & Riitta Jyrhämä, University of Helsinki

  1. Complaining in Dialogical Context

Marjatta Pakkanen, University of Jyväskylä


TIME 14:45-16.15                                                                               ROOM: SS114

Learning Environments

Chair: Päivi Hakkarainen

  1. What Are the Possibilities to Learn on the Net: Have Goals of Language Teaching in Basic Education Been Achieved?

Marja-Riitta Kotilainen, Saari School, Rovaniemi

  1. E-Learning and Its Hidden Pedagogical Challenges for a Teacher

Sirje Klaos, Tallinn University

  1. Entrepreneurial Readiness in the Student Oriented Interaction in Different Learning Environments

Anita Haataja, Lenita Hietanen, Taina Kallio & Helena Tompuri, University of Lapland


TIME 14:45-16.15                                                                               ROOM: SS14

Pupils’ Learning Experiences and Well-Being

Chair: Michael Kompf

  1. Prospective Kindergarten Teachers Learning to Reflect Children’s Literacy Development With the Help of Theory

Riitta-Liisa Korkeamäki, University of Oulu

  1. Feet on the Ground – Head in the Clouds. Life Story in the School

Ritva Kyllönen, University of Oulu

  1. The Role of the Teacher in Improving Cognitive Skills at Primary Level

Outi Kyrö-Ämmälä, University of Lapland



TIME 10:45-12:15                                                                                ROOM: SS112

Teacher Education

Chair: Pam Denicolo

  1. Widening Identities, Deepening Competences

Asko Karjalainen, University of Oulu & Säde-Pirkko Nissilä, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  1. Stories on Higher Music Education – Changes and Challenges

Airi Hirvonen, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  1. Storytelling in Teacher Education – Promoting Narrative Identity-Work in Becoming and Being a Teacher

Eila Estola, Leena Syrjälä & Minna Uitto, University of Oulu


TIME 10:45-12:15                                                                                ROOM: SS113

Teachers and Teaching

Chair: Anneli Lauriala

  1. Teacher as Researcher: Implications for the School Organization and Teacher Professionalism

Klaas van Veen, Leiden University; Rosanne Zwart, Utrecht University; Elise Peters, Leiden University of Applied Sciences; Dico Krommenhoek, Wolfert van Borselen, schoolgroup for secondary education, Rotterdam & Jacobiene Meirink, Leiden University

  1. New Qualified Teachers’ Thinking: The Difficulty of Change

Maria Ruohotie-Lyhty, University of Jyväskylä

  1. From Projects to a Process: Sustainable School Development and Teacher Professional development

Mervi Aineslahti, Sorrila School, Valkeakoski


TIME 10:45-12:15                                                                                ROOM: SS114

Learning Environments

Chair: Trond Eivil Hauge

  1. Expertise Sharing in Network

Heleena Lehtonen & Anne Jyrkiäinen, University of Tampere

  1. Mobile Technology for Learning Environments

Lauri Kurkela, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

  1. Connecting Practitioners of Higher Education by Cross-Disciplinary Blended Learning Community

Sari Poikela, University of Lapland ; Pirjo Vuoskoski, Mikkeli University of

Applied Sciences & Timo Portimojärvi, University of Tampere


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