Keynote Speakers

  Michael Kompf is Professor of Education at Brock University , Canada where he has worked since 1983. Interests include developmental issues for adult learners and teachers; personal construct psychology; global policies and practices in higher education; and philosophies of inquiry. Recent writing and presentations have included exploring the nature of university corporatism, higher education success rates, individual and the social implications of distance learning. An ISATT member since 1985, Michael is serving his fourth term as Chair and is a member of several professional associations. He has part responsibility for 5 books, a variety of chapters and articles, and has presented academic papers and research, invited addresses and workshops around the world.
Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen is Professor of Psychology, University of Helsinki since 1981. Her main research themes: life-course development of personality, and gene x environment interactions in this development,- behavioral risk factors in a development of coronary heart disease-, a role of temperament in school settings.
Maggi Savin-Baden is Professor of Higher Education Research and Coventry University and Director of the Learning Innovation Group. Maggi’s current research is exploring the impact of innovative forms of learning in new spaces such as Second Life and new distance spaces. To date she has published six books on problem-based learning, her seventh book entitled Learning Spaces was published in December 2007.  In her spare time she is doing an MSc in digital technology and learning to snowboard and ice skate.
Freema Elbaz-Luwisch
is an associate professor in the Department of Learning, Instruction and Teacher Education, Faculty of Education, at the University of Haifa, Israel. She is interested in teachers’ lives and learning, autobiography and narrative inquiry, multiculturalism, curriculum reform and border pedagogy. Her book, Teachers’ Voices: Storytelling and Possibility was published in 2005 by Information Age.

Paulien C. Meijer is an associate professor at IVLOS Institute of Education of Utrecht University in the Netherlands. Her publications focus on teacher learning in different phases of their professional career. As a former teacher and teacher educator, she is specifically interested in identity issues in learning and development in which transformation is a central concept.


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