The following sub-themes indicate the special foci under the conference main theme Navigating in Educational Contexts: Identities and Cultures in Dialogue.

Challenges of pedagogy in the 21st century
The changing contexts of education, locally, nationally and globally, challenge educators at all levels to reflect, update and transform their views and practices. What are the core values and principles underpinning good pedagogy? How do teachers cope with the complexities of their work and manage to sustain their pedagogical ideals? What does equity, caring and inclusiveness mean in different contexts and situations?

Professional development and learning
Life-long learning and continuous professional development pose challenges for teacher education and school leadership. How may we enhance professional development in different career phases, transitions and in changing contexts? What characterizes teacher learning, and what are the critical elements for teachers to develop and transform their thinking and practices and to foster teachers’ well-being, motivation and commitment to learn?

Communities and partnerships
Building partnerships in education involves links between universities, schools, working life and communities, with teachers and parents as well as between different levels and sectors of education, researchers and practitioners. What strategies and practices may promote caring, democratic values and inclusion? How can we change professional cultures towards collaboration, collegiality and commitment?

Identities and cultures
Enhancing and sustaining a sense of cultural and personal identity becomes emphasized in a world of globalization, mobility and multiculturalism. How do we build constructive dialogue between different cultural, professional and social groups? How is gender reflected in and constructed by education? What kinds of contexts, relationships and practices enable students, teachers and researchers to develop their personal and collective identities and to strengthen their self-esteem? How are professional identities shaped by dialogue and tensions between personal, professional and contextual knowledge?

Network-based education and learning environments
ISATT 2009 will include the third international meeting of Network-Based Education (NBE) with the topics of ICT and Mobile Technologies in Teaching and Learning, Virtual and Simulation-Based Learning, Play and Game-Based Learning, Teaching and Learning with Digital Video, Computer Supported Collaborative Learning and Pedagogical Models. Particular interest will be on investigating the use of ICT in a pedagogically appropriate way and the way and conditions under which network-based education, learning environments and technological tools facilitate the teaching and learning processes.


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