Research at the Faculty of Education

The goal of research conducted by the Faculty of Education is to understand and promote educational phenomena in the context of societal change. The perspectives of educational sciences, adult education, media education and cross-disciplinary gender research are applied to the study of educational, training and working cultures.

Research focuses on:

  • Education, training, learning and teaching in northern communities
  • Education and pedagogy that are participatory and consider differences
  • Learning among adults, working life and wellbeing
  • The welfare of children and young people in the northern region
Research activities are steered by the principles of equality and non-discrimination, which form the basis for taking into account social, regional and gender differences in the northern context.

Research activities are established on two research groups, which form internal units within the faculty:


The research activities of the units have their own focus areas as far as content is concerned, but the Faculty’s focus areas overlap with research conducted by all of the units.