Some photos from the International Summer School of Legal Informatics 2013, held at the University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, on August 2630, 2013.

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Professor Antti Syväjärvi, here with Professor Rauno Korhonen, spoke of old and new administration on Monday evening.
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Tuesday's panel discussion on "Openness, Media and Administration in the Network Society" was chaired by Professor Hannu Nieminen from the University of Helsinki.
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Professor Manuel Masseno from Beja Polytechnics, Portugal discussing with Professor Ahti Saarenpää.
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Doctorand Kisakisa Kiwara from Tanzania asked if global data protection is the way forward.
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The Summer School was attended by approximately 80 students.
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Professor Monica Palmirani from the University of Bologna contributed a video lecture on Wednesday morning.
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Professor Palmirani lectured about open government data.
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Professor Rauno Korhonen.
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Doctorand Dino Girardi analyzed the Directive 2013/37/EU amending the Directive 2003/98/EC on Re-use of Public Sector Information.
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Doctorand Girardi.
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Doctorand Girardi.
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Professor Saarenpää commenting on Dino Girardi's presentation. Professor Korhonen on the left.
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Professor Saarenpää introduces Professor, Dr., Dr.h.c. Wolfgang Mincke's 70th Anniversary Honorary Lecture.
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Professor Mincke.
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Professor Mincke.
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Professor Mincke.
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Professor Mincke.
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The audience listens carefully to Professor Mincke.
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Professors Saarenpää and Korhonen and trainee Juhana Riekkinen present Professor Mincke with the official t-shirt of the summer school, bearing Professor's Mincke's portrait.
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Professor Mincke trying the t-shirt on.
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On Wednesday afternoon, Auditor General, LL.D. Tuomas Pöysti's topic was Standards and Codes of Conduct in the Regulation of Interoperability and Information Society.
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Auditor General, LL.D. Tuomas Pöysti
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Auditor General, LL.D. Tuomas Pöysti.
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Professors Korhonen and Saarenpää.
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Doctorand Aleksander Wiatrowski delivered a presentation on a highly actual topic, PRISM.
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Professor Saarenpää started Thursday morning with a lecture entitled "Toward New EU Data Protection".
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Auditor General, LL.D. Pöysti's second lecture was about the National Audit Office of Finland.
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Professor Saarenpää and doctorand Girardi listening carefully to Auditor General, LL.D. Pöysti.
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Lecturers had a lunch meeting with the Rector of the University, Mauri Ylä-Kotola.
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Doctorand Anu Ojala talked about E-books and Copyright.
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Doctorand Ojala.
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The final lecture on Thursday by Professor Korhonen concerned legal informatics in Finland and in the Nordic countries.
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Doctorand Kiwara making some final comments. 
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From left to right: doctorand Martynas Mockus, doctorand Kiwara, Professor Korhonen, Auditor General, LL.D. Pöysti, Professor Mincke, doctorand Wiatrowski, Professor Saarenpää, doctorand Girardi and doctorand Ojala. Professors Nieminen, Masseno and Syväjärvi are missing from the picture.

Pictures by Pétja Siltaoja and Juhana Riekkinen.