International Summer School of Legal Informatics 2015

The control society - Who has the right to control and why?

Arktikum, Polarium auditorium

Time: 25.-27.8.2015. 09:00 - 18:00. The exam is on Aug 28th 12:00-15:00 in University's main building, F-wing's Esko and Asko auditorium.

Language: English


Professors: Ahti Saarenpää, Rauno Korhonen, Erich Schweighofer

Doctors: Tuomas Pöysti, Johanna Tornberg, Karolina Sztobryn

Doctorands: Juhani Korja, Dino Girardi, Aleksander Wiatrowski, Anu Ojala, Juhana Riekkinen, Kisakisa Kiwara



The exam can be done in English. Material for the exam will be HCR's case Satakunnan Markkinapörssi and Satamedia v. Finland (931/13) and EU Commission's proposal for General Data Protection Regulation (2012/0011). Both PDF files can be downloaded from the right side of this page.



For Finnish students

ONVAL0010 / OPET0421 Tietosuoja ja tietoturvallisuus (5 cred) or

ONVAL0008 / OPET0418 Informaatio-oikeus ja tietotekniikkaoikeus (5 cred)

Finnish students can also choose to only participate in lectures, which will raise their mark in OPEO0505 Legal Informatics by one. If they also pass the exam, their mark will raise by two.

For exchange students

OLAW0904 Privacy, Data protection and data security (5 cred)

The course "Persoonallisuusoikeus" is not in the programme this year.

Registration: The deadline is 15.6.2015. 150 students are accepted and there is still space for 2. You can participate by sending email, which contains your name and student number, to jetuaro[at]

If you already registered and know now that you cannot participate, please send email to jetuaro[at]

Further information:

Professor Rauno Korhonen: rauno.korhonen(at)