Legal informatics has been followed and practiced in the University of Laplands faculty of law. What began as small scale research from the mid 1980’s has grown into a institute studying various topics of this branch of legal studies. Co-operation with other Scandinavian researchers of legal informatics began already in 1984 and larger scale international co-operation since 1987. The planning for an institute of legal informatics began in the beginning of the 1990’s and the institute was founded as an internal division of the faculty in the end of 1992. Professor Ahti Saarenpää was elected as the director of this new organization and through his leadership the study and research of legal informatics has taken a crucial role in the faculty. Among other things the institute upholds with the mandate of the Finnish ministry of justice the FOKI database which has information regarding case law in juridical texts.



At this moment legal informatics is the most internationally
recognized study in our faculty. Finnish legal informatics is
known in all the corners of the country. International co-
operation is being done among the association of legal
informatics and the wide LEFIS – Legal framework for the
information society- partnership organization

Currently the institute is involved in an international project funded by the European Comission called the “Virtual Campus - shared files” along with ten other faculties.
With the international LEFIS co-operation, English language virtual courses in legal informatics are being produced.

In 2010 the institute started the NETSO (Network Society)-project funded by the Finnish Academy. Also the institute takes part in the European EULISP-program.