Available presentations


Evolution or Revolution: Changes and Challenges to EU Data Protection in the Light of Data Protection Regulation and Safe Harbor Judgment. Doctorand Aleksander Wiatrowski, University of Lapland.


The Digital Society and the Individual. Professor Peter Blume, University of Copenhagen.

bruce_nc.pptx   People Who Find Law on the Internet - Are They Going to Hurt Themselves? Director Thomas R. Bruce, Cornell Univesity.
korhonen_nc.pptx   Digitalisation: Success or Illusion? Some Critical Observations. Professor Rauno Korhonen, University of Lapland.
mikkola_nc.pptx   Cross-border Cases and Proof of Law: Where the Foreign Law is and How to Find it? Professor Tuulikki Mikkola, University of Lapland
poysti_nc.pptx   Digitalization and the Integration of Health and Social Welfare Services Client Data: The Future of Health and Social Welfare Services and the Related Legal, Economic and Technical Challenges. Under-Secretary of State Tuomas Pöysti
schweighofer_nc.pdf   Practical Implementation of the Safe Harbour Judgement. Professor Erich Schweighofer, University of Vienna.