Lapland Law Review, Issue 1, 2011

The first issue of the Lapland Law Review Law and Language in Partnership and Conflict edited by Tarja Salmi-Tolonen, Iris Tukiainen and Richard Foley is dedicated to Legal Linguistics.

In March 2010, the Chair of Legal Linguistics, the Legal Linguistics Association of Finland and the University of Lapland
hosted a conference on legal linguistics in Rovaniemi. The event focused on law and language
in international partnerships and conflicts. The chapters in this volume are extended contributions
to the conference.
TARJA SALMI-TOLONEN: Introduction (187.4 kB)
VIJAY K BHATIA: Judicialisation of International Commercial Arbitration Practice: Issues of Discovery and Cross-examination (175.1 kB)
MAURIZIO GOTTI: Developments in the Discourse of Conflict Resolution (253.1 kB)
GIROLAMO TESSUTO: Online US Agreement to Mediate forms: exploring discursive and generic features (371.2 kB)
IŞIL ÖZYILDIRIM: A Comparative Register Perspective on Turkish Legislative Language (228.6 kB)
HEIKKI E.S. MATTILA: Cross-references in Court Decisions: A Study in Comparative Legal Linguistics (264.1 kB)
CHRISTOPHER GODDARD: Fishing with New Nets in Familiar Waters: A Legal Linguistic Foray into Comparative Law, Legal Culture and Legal Ideology (1.12 MB)
ERIC JEANPIERRE: The pitfalls of legal translations between legal systems from two different legal families: a focus on translations of French legal material into English (261.7 kB)
ALMUT MEYER: Legal German Courses Towards a Culture-Oriented Teaching Concept (320.3 kB)
ALESSANDRA FAZIO, AMELIA BERNARDO: Risks Leading to Misinterpretation of International Contracts (198.9 kB)
LELIJA ŠOČANAĆ: Indeterminacy vs. Precision in International Arbitration: The Arbitration Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Slovenia (201.5 kB)
THOMAS CHRISTIANSEN: The Struggle of Australian Aboriginal Peoples to Participate in Legal Discourse Relating to Land Rights (214.8 kB)
LOTTA VIIKARI: Towards More Effective Settlement of Disputes in the Space Sector (247.3 kB)
RAJESH SHARMA: Enforcement of Arbitral Awards and Defence of Sovereignty: The Crouching Tiger and the Hidden Dragon (163.6 kB)
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