Integration of nature-based economies and mining projects located close to tourist destinations in Lapland

Finnish Forest Research institute Metla, Kolari Research Unit

Person in charge: Mikko Jokinen

Researcher: Sanna Hast

E-mail: forename.surname[at]

In this work package we study consolidation of mining projects and different nature-based livelihoods and activities. Mines studied in Dilacomi project, especially planned Hannukainen iron-ore mine operates in sensitive area only 10 km from Ylläs tourist destination and the most popular nature reserve area in Finland, Pallas-Ylläs national park. Tourism and free time residences are within few kilometres (Figure X). Nature-based tourism is major economy in this area, and according studies pristine and peaceful nature and beautiful landscape are pulling forces of tourism business. Reindeer herding operates in vast areas and need intact pastures and peaceful corridors for migration and transportation of herds. Recreational use of nature like fishing and hunting are important to local people and some tourists. Thus, there exist widely recognized challenges for integration of mining, tourism and other nature-based economies and activities.
Work package focuses on social and cultural sustainability of multiple uses of forests. We seek for local people’s and experts’ opinions on possibilities of integration and define best practises for land-use and conflict management.