Governing adaptive change towards sustainable economy in the Arctic (GovAda), 1.9.2014-31.8.2018

Growing mining industry is a key driver for economic transition in the Artic. Mining industry may bring well-being in the Arctic, but it may also cause tensions with other livelihoods. Ungovernable growth of mining may adversely affect particularly tourism and forestry, which both are key economic sectors in the Finnish Arctic. Competing land use interests related to mining, other livelihoods and environmental protection are likely to increase in the future and the potential conflicts may threaten sustainable growth. Hence, new kinds of knowledge-based tools and improvements of social institutions, like law and conflict resolution practices, are needed. This project aims to develop and test a scenario methodology of mining activities and integrated assessment of ecological, economic and social values of alternative land uses. In addition, we aim to provide new insights how law and conflict resolution practices could in better way support adaptive change towards sustainable economy.

GovAda is a joint project of University of Lapland, Geological Survey of Finland and Natural Resources Institute Finland, and it is funded by Academy of Finland, Arctic Academy Programme.


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