Seminars and Conferences related to the project

Arctic Know-How as Strength –seminar, 18.-19.3.2015, Helsinki, Finland 

International Boreal Forest Research Association (IBFRA) –conference,

24.-29.5.2015, Rovaniemi, Finland

Nordic Environmental Social Science (NESS) –conference, 9.-11.6.2015,

Trondheim, Norway

Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists, 24.-27.6.2015, Helsinki, Finland

Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA) -conference, 24-27.8.2015, Nancy, France

Conference on Jurisprudence, 25.-26.8.2015, Joensuu, Finland

European Environmental Law Forum (EELF) -conference, 2.-4.9.2015, Aix-en-Provence, France

Fennoscandian Exploration and Mining (FEM) –conference, 3.-5.11.2015, Levi, Finland

In the Spirit of the Rovaniemi Process -conference, 24.-26.11.2015, Rovaniemi, Finland

Nordic Geological Winter Meeting, 13-15.1.2016, Helsinki, Finland

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