WP1: Mining scenarios / Geological Survey of Finland (GTK)

In this WP we will study the potential development of the mining in the Finnish Lapland in different scenarios. The research will be done at regional but also at the case study level.

Task 1: Scenario development

We will describe alternative scenarios of the potential evolution of mining in the Finnish Lapland based on existing mineral deposit databases, literature review and interviews. For the scenario work we will set up a probability model combining factors affecting mining activities on a global, national and local level (e.g., metal prices, mining and exploration costs, environmental protection, local societal conditions, and land-use conflicts).

Task 2: Economic, social and environmental impacts associated to scenarios

In the context of the scenarios developed in the first task, we will study the exploration and mining projects in Lapland in terms of their potential economic, environmental and social impacts. The aim is to give a rough estimate of the predictable impacts that can be associated with different scenarios on different time scales. The outcomes will also include categorisation of the projects according to 1) their geological and technical characteristics; 2) the characteristics and type of the current or potential operating company; and 3) local societal environment.

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