WP2: Integrated assessment of ecological, economic and social values / Natural Resources Institute Finland

In order to evaluate the needs and possibilities for adaptive coordination of land uses, we will develop a new GIS-based tool. This knowledge-based tool provides important information for the adaptive governance of green infrastructure as part of sustainable economy. We will indicate the location of areas in the Finnish Arctic that are both socioeconomically and ecologically valuable from the viewpoint of competing land uses, examples being mining, timber production and tourism. We will classify the ecological value of the current and potential mining environments based on the conservation value of the habitats and species in the area and evaluate the social values of the mining environments by collecting information from local people and tourists using an Internet-based PPGIS survey. This method provides spatial information on respondents’ recreational use as well as on their needs and opinions relating to the management and use of the focal area. We will further estimate the economic value of these areas from the viewpoint of mining and timber production.

The spatial datasets compiled and collected are integrated in GIS to evaluate the location and overlap of valuable sites. The evaluation gives information on the location of possible substitute sites and the location of sites with small or high risks of conflict between land-use alternatives. The simultaneous assessment of economic, ecological, and social values of target sites allows for their categorization into different classes according to their suitability for purposes such as mining, tourism and recreation, and forestry.
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