RUCHIN project is a partnership between five universities in Finland, Belgium, Slovenia, Lithuania and Russia with close ties to other public and private organizations associated with Russian and Chinese Economic Law.

Each partner in the consortium has an extensive background in Economic law, in the contexts of the various national laws, EU laws, Chinese and Russian laws. These institutions combined in one consortium offer a great base of the various areas of economic law in a number of contexts. 

A definite value to the consortium is Vrije Universiteit Brussels’ Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS), which is an entire department dedicated to the study of Chinese Law. The University of Lapland also has a China Law Professorship programme operating now as well as a Russian studies programme, with a strong focus on Russian law. Mykolas Romeris University also currently offers courses in law studies of former U.S.S.R. countries. The University of Maribor provides many courses under the wide umbrella of economic law. As some of these partners already have good partnerships established with educational institutions in China and Russia, there is a good base for third country expertise for the curriculum development as well as future programme partnership. 

The individual members of the consortium offer great expertise in these legal areas. As well as having the legal background, many of the individual consortium members also have a strong  background in EU projects in the contexts of participation as well as management. 

Selected students will have to spend 2 study periods in 2 European partner universities. Besides, RUCHIN programme will encourage students to spend one studying or training period in one of Third Country partner university.

Contact Information

Juha Karhu
Professor, Project Leader
Faculty of Law, University of Lapland
+358 40 4844008

Irina Gerashchenko
Project Manager
University of Lapland
+358 40 4844496

Kim Van der Borght
Professor of International Economic Law
University of Brussels VUB
Centre of Economic Law &