In brief

MRU is a modern, dynamic and the 2nd largest research university in Lithuania with over 21000 students who study in the fields of Economics, IT Science, Law, Public also Business Management and Administration, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology and Social Work. MRU is committed to nourishing and delivering high quality education and research in line with the Bologna process, to preparing future innovative and entrepreneurial leaders. Philosophy of cross-border interaction is at the heart of study, research and management processes at MRU. MRU is a member of IAU, EUA, AUF and other international organizations, cooperates with over 200 universities, public and business entities. Student and staff exchange, networks and EU, national and international programmes, including LLP, FP7, NordPlus, Asia-Link are some key factors for internationalization complemented by several European joint degree programmes, English-taught study programmes and courses for degree and exchange students.

Role in the project

MRU was responsible for the entire quality assurance and evaluation of the project. Particularly the MRU was responsible for the quality assurance implementation for the content of the project. MRU designed and proposed Quality assurance and internal evaluation plan for partner approval. It was also their responsibility to monitor progress of the project according to quality mechanisms set in the plan.  

MRU worked on creation of the study programme structure and the content for each individual course for the doctorate programme.



Dr. Regina Valutyte

Faculty of Law

Ateities str.20

LT – 08303 Vilnius