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Renmin University (RUC, also known as the People's University of China) is a key university in China. The RUC's strengths emphasize the humanities and social sciences, however, the university also embraces disciplines in the area of natural sciences. The RUC is a comprehensive research-orientated university.

RUC Law School stands as one of RUC’s most acclaimed schools. After its founding in 1950, RUC Law School became the first institution of higher legal education in the People’s Republic of China and, as such, is dubbed by many as the "cradle" nurturing China's most outstanding jurists. RUC Law School inherited the vaunted tradition of the former Chaoyang University when the two schools merged shortly after the founding of the PRC.  Established in 1912, Chaoyang University became so synonymous with legal practice in China that the saying went: “no Chaoyang, no courts”.