In brief
The University of Lapland is comprised of 4500 students & 600 academics & employees. Law is one area of expertise at the UoL: The law programme at the UoL has turned out every 4th lawyer in Finland. More specific law expertise is the Russian Studies Programme. This programme addresses issues of political, economic, cultural & environmental factors & includes a Russian Law component.

Another area of expertise at the UoL is China Law. The UoL has a programme  in China Law Studies, which has aided in creating a partnership with Renmin University in China. An added value to this programme is the two year China Law Professorship with a Professor from Renmin University.

Besides expertise in Law, the UoL has experience in running LLP projects (EMACIM and SEMKNOW).

Role in the project
The UoL was responsible for the overall coordination of the project and general management. As the UoL was the coordinator it is logical they lead the management workpackage, however all partners will have a role in it. They were also responsible for leading WP 1 Creating a common methodology and pedagogy for the doctoral programme, as well as WP 9 Exploitation of Project Results.

University of lapland was coordinator of a highly educated consortium with a strong knowledge base of the project topic and great project experience. Therefore, the project has been planned to incorporate every partner equally throughout the duration of the project. As well, ensured that there is an even distribution of the workload for the project in its entirety, and in each individual work package.



    Prof. Juha Karhu

    University of Lapland

    Faculty of Law

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