In brief

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is situated in Brussels, Belgium. It offers 27 Bachelor’s degrees, 57 Master’s degrees and 24 Postgraduate Master’s degrees, as well as a teaching diploma. VUB currently provides quality education to more than 9000 students and has 150 research teams that are highly regarded internationally.  

Brussels Institute of Contemporary China Studies (BICCS) is one of the institutes at VUB. BICCS aims to establish itself as an academic hub between Europe and China. As a research and education institute, BICCS has formed strategic partnerships with highly reputable Chinese universities, such as Fudan University and Renmin University.  

BICCS’ core activities are research, consultancy services and education. For education, BICCS offers a comprehensive programme consisting of Postgraduate programmes; Jean Monnet Module focusing on the EU-China trade relations; Executive Training; China’s Foreign Policy and Chinese Language Courses.

Role in the project

VUB led WP 2-Assessment Methods and Certification Process and WP 8-Dissemination and Promotion of the Project & Programme.

VUB role also included involvement in all the other work packages, namely, WP 1-Creation of the Methodology and Pedagogical Approaches of the Studies, WP 3-Development of the Study Modules, WP 4-Developed Research Cooperation between the Academic Partnership and companies/organizations (Having students conduct their research for companies/organizations), WP 5-Mobility Plan for the doctorate Programme, WP 6-Management, WP 7-Quality ad Evaluation Plan, WP 9-Exploitation of Results.



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