Doctoral candidates are expected to undertake two recommended training/research periods in two European countries and one recommended training/research period in the third country partner university (in China or Russia). Students will have the opportunity to study their mandatory mobility period in the country whose legal system they are researching, thereby strengthening their core study programme.

The destination of the mobility will largely depend on the subject chosen for the Doctoral degree by the individual student (Russian Economic Law, Chinese Economic Law and (or) International Economic Law) and the specialisation of partners (see the table below). It is only logical that, for example, students of Chinese Law will go to China for their third country mobility period.

Students have to spend one semester (corresponding to the completion of 30 ECTS credits) at the home university and preferably two semesters (corresponding to the completion of 60 ECTS credits) in two of the partner universities.
Mobility Stategy (144.7 kB)