Sustainable Mining, local communities and environmental regulation in Kolarctic area (SUMILCERE)

Project period: 1.1.2013-31.12.2014, Budget: 1 093 704€
Funding: Kolarctic ENPI CBC
Partnership: University of Lapland (Lead Partner), Finland, Luleå University of Technology, Norrbotten, Sweden, Northern Research Institute, Tromsø, Norway and Institute of the Industrial Ecology Problems of the North of the Kola, Russia Science Center, Murmansk, Russia

SUMILCERE project’s overall objectives was to support public-private collaboration for achieving the sustainable development; to enhance the using of developed practises and recommendations for sustainable social licensing, environmental regulation; to sustain research network collaboration; to contribute to the diminishing risks in global mining investments in the Euro-Arctic Barents region. The specific objective of the SUMILCERE project was to offer social and legal scientific set of tools and recommendations for sustainable mining projects to be used by the industry and decision making authorities. The specific objective was achieved by comparing and developing the recommendations on the side of the existing regulatory framework, policy instruments for sustainable management, use of natural resources in mining areas, to improve the tools for interaction and co-operation and social licensing in the management of mining projects.

SUMILCERE Project deliverables

WP 1 Current practices: participation and relationships between mining projects and local mining communities
SOCIAL SUSTAINABILITY OF MINING IN THE NORTHERN COMMUNITIES - Comparative study in European North and Northwest Russia
Authors: Leena Suopajärvi, Elena Klyuchnikova, Elena Korchak, Vigdis Nygaard, Thomas Ejdemo and Gregory A Poelzer
Published in Resources Policy,

Article in the relation of the Social license to operate will be published in the Polar Geograbpy by the end of 2015. As soon as article is published, the link will be added here.

WP 2: The legal structure: Improving policy instruments and regulations
License to Mine: A Comparison of the Scope of the Environmental Assessment in Sweden, Finland and Russia

Authors: Maria Pettersson, Anniina Oksanen, Tatiana Mingaleva, Victor Petrov, Vladimir Masloboev
Published in Natural Resources

Environmental Regulation and Competitiveness in the Mining Industry: Permitting Processes with Special Focus on Finland, Sweden and Russia,
Authors: Kristina Söderholma, Patrik Söderholma, Heidi Helenius, Maria Petterssona, Roine Viklunda, Vladimir Masloboevc, Tatiana Mingalevac and Viktor Petrov.
Published in Resources Policy,

Law and Self-Regulation - Substitutes or Complements in gaining social acceptance?
Authors: Soili Nysten-Haarala, Elena Klyuchnikova and Heidi Helenius Published in Resource Policy

WP 3 Arctic, international law and rights of the Sami people in mining projects
Transboundary EIA in the Barents Region
Timo Koivurova, Vladimir Masloboev, Anna Petrétei, Vigdis Nygaard and Kamrul Hossain
Published in Nordic Environmental Law Journal

Legal Protection of Sami Traditional Livelihoods from the Adverse Impacts of Mining –Comparison on the Level of Protection Enjoyed by Sami in Their Four Home States
Authors: Timo Koivurova, Vladimir Masloboev, Kamrul Hossain, Vigdis Nygaard, Anna
Petrétei, Svetlana Vinogradova

GUIDEBOOK - Transboundary EIA in the North Calotte/Kola Peninsula region: guidance on how to do it effectively in situations where mining may cause transboundary impacts, see Info letters

WP 4 The synthesis and comparison
Toolkit with recommendations for sustainable mining, see Info letters

Sustainable Mining, Local Communities and Environmental Regulation in the Kolarctic Area (synthesis)
Authors: Kai Kokko, Arild Buanes, Timo Koivurova, Vladimir Masloboev and Maria Pettersson
Article will be published in the next Barents Studies journal